Personal Interactions

Proven ability to advise, educate, communicate, and perform on both a business and a technical level, with business owners, managers, employees, and project participants.

  1. In-depth experience with the direct-marketing vertical market segment, interacting directly with management, customer service, warehousing, and financial staff.

  2. Comprehensive understanding and knowledge of technology and its applications (and mis-application).

  3. National-level steward for the Rally-America rally racing series, each race with hundreds of volunteers, more than 100 racers, a large radio network, and spectators; all with detailed safety management and rule enforcement.

  4. Extensive experience as an instructor to management and operational staff at client companies, implementing strategies and training on technique for their new software.

  5. Detailed direct-marketing vertical-market knowledge, with extensive software product demonstrations and educational presentations.

  6. VJ for bands, singers, and educational music presentations, with extensive experience using motion.dive tokyo for live video-mixing during a live event.

  7. Multi-year national champion rally co-driver, with extensive in-car time management experience at high-speed, with trees whizzing by inches away, in all weather conditions.